Seasonal Snow Removal

Don’t forget that the best choice for your snow removal needs is to call SJN and arrange for seasonal service.  Shoveling can be dangerous to your health. And snow blowers have to be maintained.   At SJN we have a team of professionals who will come out and plow the snow out of your driveway … Continued

Spring Cleanup Time

spring yard clean up in connecticut

It’s been a strangely warm winter and now spring has been wetter and colder than usual.  We can’t predict the weather, but we can clean up your yard after the long, cold, damaging winter.  Fallen trees from storms? Old leaves wedged into the shrubs? Mulch need freshening up? We’re happy to get your lawn looking good … Continued

Walk This Way

Do you need a new sidewalk and some better curb appeal? Or maybe you’re looking for a little stone work just to complement your property. A beautiful walkway can transform your property and add value to your home.

Hot Tub?

Would you like a hot tub?  Make sure your patio is completely level, or we can put in a new patio for you, specifically around that new hot tub!  (Dogs not included.)