Snow Removal for Commercial Properties

SJN Landscaping is proud to serve many Connecticut businesses, condo associations, home owners’ associations, strip malls and other commercial properties, taking care of snow and ice management as well as landscaping needs.  Have one contact for it all.

commercial landscaping and snow plowing

Condos and Homeowners Associations

Driveway and Sidewalk Clearing

Condo associations and home owners’ associations are a specialty of ours. We will take care of your snow plowing and ice management needs to keep your residents safe and happy.

As a member of the Board at a 55 and over community, it has been my pleasure to work with Shawn Nelson and his SJN crew. They have satisfied all of our snow removal needs with flying colors. He and his crew were careful and efficient while plowing and applying salt.  Roads and driveways were cleared in time so that residents could come and go when they needed to.      – Bryce F. Hunt, Newberry Village

commercial snow management at condo in east windsor ct

Commercial Properties

Parking Lot and Walkway Clearing

SJN Landscaping will keep your parking lot and sidewalk areas clear of snow and ice every 2 inches or so depending on the rate of snowfall. We will also apply road salt to all asphalt services as needed, pre-treating appropriate surfaces in the expectation of snowfall or ice event. We also keep an eye on black ice formation possibilities overnight on all areas of your commercial property. To treat black ice we once again apply ice melters to concrete surfaces and road salt to black top surfaces to keep all entrance ways and parking areas safe for employees and the public. All ice melters applied to concrete surfaces are tested to be safe for the concrete and applied with moderation.

Parking Lot and Driveway Sweeping

In the spring, our professional will remove all sand and winter debris (trash, leaves, etc) from your parking lot and driveway by blowing all concrete surfaces, entry ways, and sweeping any sand off the immediate lawn areas into the parking lot and blowing all curb lines clean of sand and debris slowly and carefully so as to not leave anything behind. We sweep all heavy sand areas, load it into our trucks and haul everything off property, leaving it clean and professional.