Commercial Landscaping

SJN Landscaping is proud to service many Connecticut businesses, taking care of the commercial landscaping including planning, lawn mowing, flower bed and borders and snow removal needs. Here are a few of the services we provide for commercial properties.


Lawn Installation

We use fresh topsoil to install new lawns and to re-pitch low-lying water areas. We start by using the natural pitch of the ground and realign only as necessary to achieve the results needed for the property.  This cuts down on the amount of material needed, decreasing the cost of commercial landscaping.  Then we bring in fresh topsoil and spread the topsoil approximately 3 inches thick.  We then install high-grade Lesco seed, starter fertilizer and lime.  We use lime every time we are planting any type of new grass, to get the best results.  You can’t count on the pH of the property or in the topsoil being brought onto the property. Lime ensures a more successful lawn regardless of the existing material pH level.

Lawn Mowing and Edging

We know our commercial clients are busy conducting business. Don’t worry, we won’t interrupt your flow. We mow commercial properties on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid interrupting your work flow with our staff, vehicles and noise. This also gives us a chance to pick up random trash and weeds flower beds. We walk the entire property to make sure all is well. We will alert you to any issues like broken windows or anything out of place, helping you keep your property in top shape.

We start day every morning by sharpening the lawn mower blades to ensure your lawn gets the best cut possible. We keep the lawn mower deck cutting at a proper height for your lawn needs. We bag what needs to be bagged, especially in spring when the lawn is tall. We mow carefully around flower beds, structures and tight areas. We cut in two direction to help give nutrients back to the lawn. We keep the speed of the lawn mowers down to keep from tracking up your turf. We trim around all flower beds, side walks, driveways, trees, fences, very carefully blow off all walkways driveways and entry ways and touch up all mulch areas carefully with the blowers.

We work very meticulously to keep your lawn healthy and growing well.

Shrubbery Pruning and Trimming

All of our commercial pruning jobs get two full passes to keep all plants inside the plant bed off of the sidewalk, so they’re not out of control and in the way of foot traffic. We keep the building in shape and looking good at all times. While pruning, we will most likely turn the mulch as we clean the debris from trimming the bushes.

Landscape Design and Mulch

Every time we apply new mulch to a commercial property, we re-edge all flower beds, trim all bushes, pull all weeds, then install mulch 1-3 inches thick to help keep weed growth down to a minimum and rejuvenates the color and look of the flower beds. Commercial landscaping planning is essential to keep properties looking their best.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

For scheduling fall cleanups on our commercial clients’ properties, we always make ourselves available on the weekends so our staff is less likely to get in the way of your customers, deliveries, etc. We make sure we blow out all plant beds, front sidewalks and meeting areas around the property.  We also blow wood lines back as far as possible, remove as many leaves from the premises as possible and cut down all perennials to leave the property looking its best.  We come around twice, as weather permits, to keep your property free of leaves to the best of our ability. 

Snow and Ice Management

Parking lot and Driveway Sweeping

In the spring, our professional will remove all sand and winter debris (trash, leaves, etc) from your parking lot and driveway by blowing all concrete surfaces, entry ways, and sweeping any sand off the immediate lawn areas into the parking lot and blowing all curb lines clean of sand and debris slowly and carefully so as to not leave anything behind. We sweep all heavy sand areas, load it into our trucks and haul everything off property, leaving it clean and professional.