New Flower Beds

We maintain existing flower/shrub/plant beds by cleaning out all debris, installing new edges and installing 1 inch of new mulch every time to keep it looking clean and sharp.


Trimming and Mulching Plants

June is the time to trim all plantings around the property and apply a fresh layer of your choice of mulch for the season to sharpen the look of your property mulching prices are sold per dimensional yard.


Mowing and Trimming

Weekly and biweekly mowing and trimming, all flower beds and edges, blowing off all walkways entries and driveways.  There are 27 mows to an entire season.


Planting New Grass

The end of August / beginning of September is the best to time to plant new grass seed. Before planting, we always de-thatch the area in 4 directions, then use a Lesco renovater to install seed in two directions. We clean up all thatch if need be and spread starter fertilizer and lime. We recommend that the homeowner water the seed twice a day  for at least 15-20 min each time, early morning and early afternoon to keep it moist, with no puddling, for best results.

new lawn seeding

Pruning Trees

Keep your trees in excellent health and help them retain their beauty by keeping them appropriately pruned.