Brick, stone and concrete have a variety of uses in the landscape whether they’re used for function such as a wall or walk, or used as an accent to a planting bed, a water feature, masonry and stonework can add mass and permanence to any setting.

There are as many uses for stone and concrete products as there are places to use them. Stonework and masonry are the most durable and maintenance-free materials you can have in your landscape, making them one of the most cost effective elements you can use.


  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stone Staircases
  • Walkways

When you call SJN to plan your walkways and stonework, we will meet with you, listen carefully to your needs, ask about solder courses, designs, inlays, fire pits, knee walls, water run off (where you need water to go or not go), installing drains, etc.

You’ll get to review the wide range of stonework products available, and be referred to places you can actually see and feel the actual materials before you make your choice. The colors you see in person are always different than if you see them on paper.

We’ll show you how your project will look by using ground paint so you’ll have a visual of how the new stonework will be placed.

We excavate out all ground where the new project is being installed. for patios and walkways we dig out 7 inches deep 6 inches bigger, around the entire project for great stability on all edges. we install 4 inches of process compacting tight every two inches, we start the pitches of the project appropriate for the application right away, to ensure no trouble as the project comes together. then we screed out 1 inch of bedding sand very carefully then start installing any retaining wall’s and or patios beautiful thought out designs. All patios and walkways get topped with polymeric sand in between all joints to reduce weed growth.