Spring Clean Up

A good spring clean up helps start off you growing season right.

We start by picking up all fallen debris from twigs to branches, dethatching all lawn areas in two directions, removing all dead grass to set up for good fertilization penetration, blowing out all winter leaves (including those solid old oak leaves that hung on to the trees going into winter!), mowing and bagging up all the thatch and leaves, then cut-in all the edges with a trimmer along all side walks, curbs, and driveways, then blow off all concrete and asphalt surfaces. All clean ups start at $150.

Fall Clean Up

Late September we blow off all leaves and remove off your property then we  come back around late November, and re-blow all leaves out of all flower beds through lawn down to the road, remove off property. Then mow and trim all lawn areas and blow off all sidewalks entry’s and driveways. All clean ups start as low as $150.